Why Social Media Martketing is not working

An article in Inc. describes why most small businesses fail to generate significant business from social media marketing. A lot of them do not understand social media enough to build a good strategy. Others do not know how to measure the effectiveness of their strategy other than counting the number of new clients. What do think most business get wrong with social media marketing? Read the article here.


Flippable Books?

As more devices are used to read content from traditionally printed media, visual designers are trying to capture the experience in different ways. One approach is to present the pages in a 3D layout where a user can “flip” through the pages. Is this visually appealing or visually annoying?  Check it out here.

I love my Mac mini!

I have finally saved up and acquired a Mac mini and am now having a blast configuring and tweaking. I also acquired a magic mouse and really like the interface(no buttons but you can slide your finger over surface to move and press the virtual left & right buttons). I want to learn how program my iPHONE and make some apps. The Big Nerd Ranch Guide books are pretty intensive but are highly recommended. Any IOS programmers out there?